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Faculty, Staff Service Recognized At Annual Meeting

Sept. 11, 2017
SHSU Media Contact: Lane Fortenberry

Sam Houston State University President Dana Hoyt recognized university employees for their service and outstanding accomplishments during the annual Faculty and Staff General Meeting on Sept. 7 in the Gaertner Performing Arts Center Concert Hall. —Photos by Brian Blalock

TWENTY YEAR FACULTY SERVICE AWARDS — From left (back): Peter Cooper, Professor of Computer Science and Chair of the Department of Computer Science; Scott Plugge, Professor of Music and Chair of the School of Music; James Bexley, Distinguished Professor of Finance and Smith-Hutson Endowed Chair of Banking; (front): Douglas Constance, Professor of Sociology; Rosanne Keathley, Professor of Health and Associate Dean, College of Health Sciences; and Sanjay Mehta, Professor of Marketing.

TWENTY YEAR STAFF SERVICE AWARDS — From left (back): Cynthia Bennett, Human Resources; Dana Grant, Residence Life; Brian Miller, Associate Dean, College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication; Pamela Haven, Testing Center; (front): Rita Watkins, College of Criminal Justice; Debbie Nichols, Office of Student Affairs; Lorna Wadsworth, Health Promotions; and Maria Busby, Registrar's Office. Lorenzo Santibanez, Building and Landscape Services; and Frieda Turner, Health Center, were also recognized.

TWENTY-FIVE YEAR FACULTY SERVICE AWARDS — From left (back): Gene Young, Professor of English; Teri Oparanozie, Newton Gresham Library; (front): Donald Bumpass, Professor of Economics; Ruth Massingill, Associate Professor of Mass Communiction; and Rafael Saumell-Munoz, Professor of Foreign Languages. Jack Barnosky, Associate Professor of Art; and Monte Thies, Professor of Biological Sciences, were also recognized.

TWENTY-FIVE YEAR STAFF SERVICE AWARDS — From left (back): Debra Holl, Bursar; Hilda Murillo, Newton Gresham Library; Cindy Allbright, Recreational Sports; Sherry Henke, Enrollment Management; (front): Phyllis Barrett, Office of Dean of Students; Doris Powell, College of Criminal Justice; and Cynthia Spencer, University Hotel. Robert "Bob" Barragan, Small Business Development Center; Johnny Boston, Building and Landscape Services; Cruz Cano, Building and Landscape Services; and Alejandro Zavala, Building and Landscape Services were also recognized.

THIRTY YEAR FACULTY SERVICE AWARDS — From left: Dana Nicolay; Professor of Dance; and Terry Thibodeaux, Professor of Communication Studies.

THIRTY-FIVE YEAR FACULTY AND STAFF SERVICE AWARDS — From left (back): Bobby Williams, Director of Athletics; Brian Cooper, Associate Professor of Geology and Chair of the Department of Geography and Geology; Chris Thompson, Athletics; Jamie Tillerson, College of Criminal Justice; and Bobby Lane, Professor of Agricultural Sciences.

FORTY AND FORTY-FIVE YEAR FACULTY AND STAFF SERVICE AWARDS — From left: 40 years, Larry Hoover, Professor of Criminal Justice; 45 years, Bill Fleming, Executive Director, Student Advising and Mentoring Center; and 45 years, James Tiller, Professor of Geography. 45 years, Rob Adams, Professor of English; and 45 years, Lee Courtney, Professor of English, were also recognized.

STAFF EXCELLENCE AWARDS — From left (back): Dennis Stepp, Agriculture Resources Manager for the Department of Agriculture Sciences and Engineering Technology; (front): Christine Teel, Clinical Coordinator for the School of Nursing; Kathy Allen, Administrative Coordinator for the Texas Research Institute for Environmental Studies; and Reba Van Dorn, Assistant to the Chair of the Department of Language and Special Populations.

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