Search Timeline

February, 2020

  • Executive Search Firm (Academic Search) selected to assist with search process
  • Board Chair selects members of the Advisory Search Committee (ASC)
  • Campus open forums with students, faculty, and staff to discuss process and gather input
  • First meeting of the ASC to discuss process, timeline, and presidential profile
  • Publicly announce presidential search

 March, 2020

  • Finalize Presidential Profile for recruiting candidates
  • Solicitation begins for nominations and applications for president

April/May, 2020

  • Continue solicitation for nominations and applications for president
  • ASC initial review of applications for president
  • ASC narrows applicant pool and selects candidates for first-round of interviews

May/June, 2020

  • ASC conducts first-round of interviews and narrows pool to a group of finalists

 June/July, 2020

  • Finalist(s) visit SHSU to meet with key stakeholders (faculty, staff, students, and community members) and provide feedback
  • Chancellor selects Sole Finalist to recommend to the Regents for approval