You may join and/or request trainings to become more aware and learn how to create an open, respectful environment for all. Together, we can create and sustain a community of inclusive excellence.

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Evolution of Diversity & Inclusion

This interactive workshop incorporates critical thinking and sharing as participants examine D & I trends, cultural norms, and civility as well as develop tools necessary for sustainability.

Unconscious & Everyday Bias

This workshop will explore unconscious and everyday bias in higher education. The presentation focuses on ways to identify and address unconscious bias for improved professional relationships and communication as common types of biases and practical solutions are presented to participants.

Inclusive Hiring & Recruitment Practices

This workshops prepares search committee members, hiring units and administrators to recruit strategically, equitably assess qualifications, structure fair hiring practices and champion workforce diversity across the SHSU campus. – Unconscious & Everyday Bias must be completed prior to training this training.

Respect & Tolerance

This workshop will help participants improve their communication and interactions with others from diverse backgrounds and identify practical strategies to create an open, respectful environment for all.

Earn a Certification

Faculty & staff have a special opportunity to stack their trainings to earn a DEI certification. The program offers 3 different tracks, including self-paced and cohort learning opportunities.

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