One Campus, Many Voices

Genuine variety encompasses more than just variations in personal backgrounds, identities, affiliations, approaches, and demographics. It also involves eliminating obstacles for underrepresented groups and establishing environments and chances that enable individuals to fully engage in the university experience.

Sam Houston State University is dedicated to fostering a campus environment that welcomes a wide range of perspectives. This goal is achieved through active evaluation of policies and operational strategies, along with the implementation of programs that aim to overcome institutional hurdles in order to build a comprehensive university community with multifaceted viewpoints. Additionally, the University recognizes and appreciates its duty to nurture an environment of fairness and openness, where students, faculty, staff, and the community acknowledge the advantages of collaboration and mutual respect across various identities and experiences.

Our Community Cares

All of us play a vital role to make our campus a respectful and safe place.


Students enjoying themselves at a booth outdoors on campus.

Building a Positive Atmosphere

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A stack of common reader books in the library. The title is Sitting Pretty and features a woman in a wheelchair.

Our Commitment

The SHSU Experience Office welcomes a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, evaluates fairness and even chances, and fosters a purposefully welcoming learning, living, and working atmosphere at Sam Houston State University. This is all done to enhance the journey of all Bearkats as they navigate through their college experience in a positive manner. We advocate for access and impartial opportunity, and aim to serve as the hub for purposeful comprehensive methods that assist the university community in honoring our distinctions while embracing our likenesses.

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