Alcohol & Drug Abuse Initiative

  • Nothing negates a college degree like a positive drug test.
  • An individual playing a drunk driving simulator.
  • Mock alcoholic drinks on a table.


The Alcohol & Drug Abuse Initiative (ADAI) is a coalition of members formed under the direction of SHSU President Dr. James Gaertner in September 2004. Originally, the Initiative focused solely on alcohol abuse and worked under the name Alcohol Abuse Initiative. In the spring of 2007, the members voted to expand the scope to include drug abuse issues as well.

The ADAI is a multidisciplinary group composed of faculty, staff, administrators, and students dedicated to ensuring the safety and health of SHSU students. The mission of the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Initiative is to prevent and reduce irresponsible alcohol and drug use among Sam Houston State University students through coordinated efforts to inform, educate, and modify student's knowledge, attitudes and behaviors regarding substance abuse.

The ADAI utilizes a research based approach that is guided by the "Best Practices" identified by the National Institute of Alcohol and Alcoholism (NIAAA). The ADAI strives to include the cultural and economic diversity issues of the entire SHSU student population while working to achieve these proven strategies identified by the NIAAA.

Ultimately, through this multi-faceted approach, we envision a safe, and healthy SHSU community that is free of the negative and tragic outcomes attributable to alcohol and drug use.