Past Due Balances

A past due or delinquent account is an outstanding balance from a prior term. Account holds are placed on a delinquent account and enrollment in a future term and access to official university records (transcripts, diplomas, etc) are denied until the past due balance is paid in full.

What to Do

Balance may be paid through your Student Account Center or by mail. See the Cashier's Office for complete payment method details.

If you are not able to pay the past due in full, you may sign a payment agreement form with the Student Financial Services to make monthly payments. This will help keep your account from going to a 3rd party collection.

In order to return to the university, your past due balance will have to be paid in full.


University policy requires that accounts which remain unpaid to be reported to a collection agency specializing in debt owed to colleges and universities. Collection agency fees of up to 30% of the original balance owed will be incurred if that becomes necessary. Once the account has been placed with the collection agency, we are under contract with them and we cannot accept payment directly from the student, faculty, or staff member, nor can we waive any part of the additional fees added by the agency.

How to Avoid

To avoid collections, the balance must be paid in full or monthly (30 days) payments must be made on the account to keep the debt from going to collections.

What Happens

Once the account is at Collections, the student or faculty/staff is responsible for paying the University balance as well as the applicable collection fees and/or legal fees associated with collecting on the account. Once the account is at collections it will be reported to the Federal Credit reporting bureau as a past due debt.

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