Cayuse IACUC Resources

IRB and IACUC office hours have changed. If you have questions regarding your IRB or IACUC submissions/processes, to make an appointment with Sharla Miles, click here and choose a time/date that works for you.

Welcome to the Cayuse IACUC resources page! To learn more about how to submit your proposals in the new system, there are resources listed below to get you started after you have registered for access to the system. Cayuse IACUC is only supported in the Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers.

Please note that effective September 1, 2020, the IACUC office will no longer accept proposals using the old paper application forms. Any faculty or student conducting research involving live vertebrate animals must transition to the new Cayuse IACUC electronic application submission system. To access Cayuse IACUC, click here.

Cayuse IACUC Training Resources

Starting your Protocol

Completing Table of Contents

Filling out your Protocol

Submitting your Protocol

Please note that the following paper forms are still in use as Cayuse IACUC does not allow for PI’s to report adverse events or submit for exempt determinations:

Animal Care and Use Form J - Adverse Event/Unanticipated Problem

Animal Care and Use Form X - Exempt Review Application

Animal Use Forms for the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee

Animal Care and Use Application Form H - Post-Approval Monitoring

Animal Care and Use Application Form I - Vertebrate Animal Housing Inspection

IACUC Protocol Review Checklist for Research Applications (for IACUC Member Use during DMR procedures)

Please note that the following paper form is only to be used for updating older IACUC-approved studies not initially approved in Cayuse IACUC:

Animal Care and Use Form G – Protocol Amendment Form