LSC Spaces

This is to serve as the LSC Space information portal.  Here you will find all things related to the facilities spaces of the LSC.

LSC Partners
Aramark Food Services
University Bookstore, 294-1862

LSC Floor Plans
Third Floor
Second Floor
First Floor
Ground Floor

Expansion Floor Plans
Second Floor
First Floor

Space Setup Style


Conference Style: This style is recommended for small groups of less than 20.

lecture Theater Style: This is best suited for general meetings and lectures for any size group where note-taking is not required.

Classroom Style: This setup is similar to theater style though includes tables where writing or other work is required by the group.

hollow square

Hollow Square Style: This style works well with discussion meeting accommodating larger groups.


U-Shape Style:  This is similar to hollow square but adds the functionality of a presentation with discussions.

Banquet Banquet Style:  This is the most common setup for banquets of meetings with meals. 
These are the most frequently used styles; though the LSC can accommodate a variety of room setups.  Please contact LSC Events for details.


The LSC offers space for student organizations and campus departments to hang vinyl banners outside of the LSC. Banner requests can be made through the LSC Office, Suite 311 or via


The Lowman Student Center has increased sustainability efforts working towards including recycling and water bottle refilling stations.


The LSC, in conjunction with SHSU Facilities Management, is proud to collect recyclable materials in order to achieve waste reduction and promote stewardship of a sustainable campus. Recycling is collected weekly and includes paper, cardboard, plastics 1-7, tin and aluminum cans, and printer ink cartridges.

Hydration Station:

Our First Floor water bottle filling Hydration Station has saved over 115,000 plastic bottle from our landfills and oceans equaling $217,350 in student saving in bottled water.