About Your Living Room

History of the LSC

The original student center on the SHSU campus is now the MLH Building. The Lowman Student Center (LSC, named for Dr Harmon L. Lowman seventh president (1942-1964) of Sam Houston State) was built in 1963 to serve an enrollment of over 5500 students. The LSC was renovated in the 1980s to address a growing student enrollment of over 10,000. This was the case in 2000 as well when the LSC was renovated again to serve an enrollment of 12,000 students. 12 years later as student enrollment was reaching 20,000 it was agreed campus-wide that the Living Room on Campus needed a facelift and more space. It was during this time that pre-programming of the building Expansion space began with meetings with students, faculty, and staff for the initial design. From this plan, presentations to the SGA and student groups requesting a referendum to increase the student center fee. The referendum had overwhelming student support and was passed by a student vote in October of that year. In January 2013 the pre-programming was approved and design concepts are developed over the course of the next couple of years through Summer of 2015 when the final design concepts were enhanced, Fall 2015 our architect was selected, and November 2015 when the final program is approved by The Texas State University System's Board of Regents. Spring 2017 saw the finalization of the Expansion design and the beginning of the current facility Renovation planning. Our official LSC Expansion groundbreaking ceremony was proudly and excitedly celebrated June 28, 2017. We completed our Expansion project January 2019 and began the Renovation phase Summer of 2019 with the entire project completed and opened Fall of 2020. 

Vision of the LSC

As the Lowman Student Center continues to be a leader among student centers, we will provide excellence in constructing a vibrant experience by focusing on student development, community engagement, and departmental operations.

Mission of the LSC

The Lowman Student Center creates and inspires community building by providing a safe, welcoming, and engaging environment.

Core Values of the LSC

We are committed to striving for and providing excellence in all that we do, large or small, guided by these values:

  • Student Focused: Advocate for all SHSU Students.

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Foster a sense of belonging and mutual respect by valuing and supporting unique attributes within our community

  • Customer Service: Create an exemplary guest experience that exceeds needs and expectations.

  • Integrity: Operate consistently at a high standard that defines us as industry leaders.

  • Teamwork: Encourage innovation and collaboration to create a thriving environment.

  • Development: Set trends that intentionally create opportunities for transformative growth.

Goals of the LSC

The LSC will:

  • develop a strategic plan focusing on specified student learning outcomes;
  • develop a proactive social media publishing presence;
  • increase traffic in to the building.

Our goals are measured each year through self-assessment, quantitative data from programming and events, quantitative data from building tracking, quantitative and qualitative data from post-event and building use surveys, and qualitative data from the LSC Student Advisory Board.