Ultimate Bearkat Society

UB Society Flyer

The Ultimate Bearkat (UB) Society was introduced in August 2020. It is a group of students who have completed all of the requirements listed in the Ultimate Bearkat Path on OrgLINK.

Many of these experiences are things that students are already doing, such as joining student organizations, attending various events, and getting involved in different ways across campus. It is our belief that if students complete these experiences, they will be the Ultimate Bearkat. For more information on Paths, please watch the following video (Paths section starts at 1:58).

Students can track their progress in the Ultimate Bearkat Path through their individualized OrgLINK account. If students complete all of the requirements for the Ultimate Bearkat Path, they will be inducted into the Ultimate Bearkat Society.

For a full list of requirements, please log in to your OrgLINK account and start on your own journey on your Path towards the UB Society! You can also find out more information through the Ultimate Bearkat Society's very own OrgLINK page.

After completing 75% of the Ultimate Bearkat Path, students should begin their capstone experience. This final experience serves as the culminating project and exhibition of each student’s co-curricular journey through the Ultimate Bearkat Path. Each student will be required to create and submit an online e-Portfolio for this portion of the path.

The capstone and entire path must be complete by the dates listed below in order to be eligible to be inducted into the Ultimate Bearkat Society during the corresponding semester.

  • Fall – Due by October 31
  • Spring – Due by March 31

Students who meet all eligibility requirements for induction will be invited to the Ultimate Bearkat Society induction ceremony sometime in the month following their final submission. The induction ceremony will occur before finals in both the fall and spring semesters.

If you cannot complete the path by March 31 and you are graduating in August, please contact Leadership Initiatives for a modified due date and information on how to receive your medal, as a ceremony will not occur in the summer.