Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my own student organization?

  • Check OrgLINK to make sure there is not a similar organization that exists
    • An organization's application will not be approved if it is similar to an existing organization
  • Find at least 5 people and a faculty or full-time staff member to advise the organization
  • Create a constitution based on the constitution checklist
  • Fill out an application on OrgLINK

What are some of the benefits of being a recognized student organization?

  • Approval for posting flyers and posters on campus
  • Room reservations for meetings and events on campus
  • 50 free copies per week (must be related to organization operations)
  • Access to graphic designer’s services
  • OrgLINK webpage
  • Potential funding for events and programs
  • See more HERE!

What are the steps for annual recognition by SHSU?

  1. Register each academic year
    • Registration opens in mid-April and closes on August 1
    • Student organizations must update their OrgLINK profile, roster, and constitution as a part of registration
  2. Complete Student Organization Required Training
    • This training opens in July and closes on September 1
    • One student representative must complete this online training on behalf of each student organization
    • Student representatives cannot complete the training on behalf of more than one student organization 
  3. Attend the Student Organization Leadership Retreat
    • This event is held every August 
    • One student representative must attend this retreat on behalf of each student organization
    • Student representatives cannot complete the training on behalf of more than one student organization 

What is OrgLINK and why is it helpful?

OrgLINK is a directory of all student organizations that currently are registered at SHSU. OrgLINK allows students to search through different categories of organizations that might be of interest to them. If you are interested in a specific student organization, visit their page and listed will be a primary contact who you can email for more information regarding that student organization.

How do I book a room on campus for group meetings? How do I reserve a table?

To reserve a room in the LSC or reserve a table in the LSC mall area, you will need to create a Virtual EMS account and request space through their online reservation system. If you would like to reserve space in any other building you would need to contact the building liaison for room reservation requirements.

How can my student organization receive funding for an event/program?

There are two funding opportunities available to registered student organizations.  The Campus Life Development Fund is available to help organizations bring an event or program to campus. The Student Affairs Travel Fund is available to assist organizations attend off-campus events such as conferences. Both forms are available in the Vice President of Student Affairs Office in the Lowman Student Center, Suite 310.

Need More Information?

Department of Leadership Initiatives

(936) 294-3000

Lowman Student Center, Suite 326