Microsoft 365: Install on Mobile Devices

Historically, mobile device users had to install the office apps individually, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. The new unified Microsoft Office app rolls the most popular functions of those three Office applications into a single download.

NOTE: This application option is available for all apple and android phones. Currently, for tablets, this application is only available on iPads.

  • App Installation

    To install the unified Microsoft Office app, open the app store and search for Microsoft Office. Once the app is located in the app store, install the app.

    1.-App Store Get

    Once the app installed, select the app to launch it.


    On the opening screen, select Get Started.

    3.-Select Get Started

    On the following screen regarding privacy and Microsoft, select Next.

    4.-Respect Privacy Select Next

    The following screen gives the user the option to share diagnostic and usage data with Microsoft. Based on your preferences, select Accept or Decline.

    5.-Sharing Data Option

    The next screen informs the user that Microsoft may connect with other online services from Select OK.

    6.-Online Experience Select OK

    On the next screen, the user determines if Notifications from the app should be Turned on or not. Select Turn On or Not Now.

    7.-Notifications On or Off

  • Sign in Process

    Once the app is installed, Microsoft 365 may detect a non SHSU account on the device. If so, select Use Another Account to sign into your SHSU Microsoft 365 account. If another non SHSU account is not detected, select Sign In.

    8.-Use Another Account or SignIn

    On the next screen,

    1. Enter your official SHSU email address
    2. Select Next.

    9.-O365 SignIn

    A SHSU sign in page will display.

    1. Confirm your SHSU email address.
    2. Enter your SHSU password.
    3. Select Sign In.

    10.-SHSU SignIn

    Office will sign in. To get started using the app select Create and Edit Documents.

    11.-All Set

    Office will display OneDrive contents. To view other Microsoft 365 apps, select the app icon on the bottom left side of the screen.

    12.-Logged In

    Other Microsoft Apps will be displayed.

    13.-More Apps