Microsoft 365: Daily Briefing Email

With your SHSU email being a part of Microsoft 365, you are enrolled in the Daily Briefing. The Daily Briefing is a feature that "scans" your calendar and other emails daily to try and help you plan and organize your day better. If it sees a meeting for that day or an email requesting a task, it may send you a daily briefing with information it found in your email abut that meeting or task.

You may not receive the Daily Briefing every day, but if you do receive one, it will show to be from Cortana.

Daily Briefing in Inbox

The content of the briefing will vary based on your emails and calendar, but may include items such as:

  1. Commitments and follow-ups - which identify meetings or tasks for you. You will have the option to mark the item as Done or Add To Do which will add the item to your Tasks.
  2. Schedule to focus today - which presents blocks of time on your calendar that does not have anything scheduled, but you can Book that time to give yourself time to focus on specific tasks.

Daily Briefing Content

For information on Cortana and privacy, click here.