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Katalyst is the IT work order system. This system provides a portal for you to submit your technology requests and issues into a central location for processing by IT.

Get Started

Katalyst is available from any device with an internet connection and a web browser.  To get started, visit the Katalyst portal at http://katalyst.shsu.edu/ and log in with your SHSU username and password if prompted. 


Check out the videos for more details on using Katalyst.

Create a Ticket 2 min 15 sec

Check the Status and Update a Ticket 1 min 23 sec

My Items 1 min 23 sec

Knowledge Articles 1 min 14 sec

Announcements 47 sec


There are a few new terms that you will need to know regarding Katalyst.

  • Service Catalog – list of services that IT offers to the campus community.
  • Product Catalog – list of IT product information such as software and hardware name, manufacturer, pricing and more.
  • Issue (also known as Incident) – when something is broken.
  • Request (also known as Service Request) – request for information, advice, or access.
  • Knowledge Base – a repository that provides a central location for knowledge articles to assist with common error messages for software and hardware.
  • Problem – A cause of one or more incidents. Once we know of a problem, we will create a problem record that can then be displayed on the Katalyst portal for you to see.
  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM)  IT@Sam strategy for aligning and managing connected, interrelated, and dependent projects and programs.