Email Address Management

SHSU allows faculty, staff, and students to create an alias email address. You may set the alias email address as your primary contact at SHSU which will be displayed in the online directory and on outgoing email.

Your off-site e-mail address will enable you to take advantage of new self-service tools such as resetting your password when it expires.

NOTICE: If you have an existing Zoom account, you MUST follow these steps before updating your primary email address (e.g., alias email).
1. Download Recordings
* Please be aware that your existing chats and meetings that you are the creator of will be lost.

  • Primary Email Address and Alias

    Go to MySam and select all Users.

    In the Manage My Profile section, select Manage SHSU E-mail Addresses.


    In the Active e-mail Addresses section, select make primary by the SHSU email address you wish.

    Manage SHSU Email Addresses

  • Updating Off-Site Contact Information

    Method 1:

    • Log into My Sam Portal ( and look for the "Manage My Profile" channel on the right-side of the page. 
    • Click the "Manage Off-site Contact Information" Link

    Method 2:

    • Log into Sam Web
    • Click the "IT@Sam" link in the left navigation menu
    • Click the "Off-site Contact Preferences" link in the left navigation menu

    This video will walk through the steps as well.