Duo - How to Enroll

View our How to Enroll in Duo Two Factor Authentication instructions in this brief video or take a look at the step by step instructions below.

To get started, install the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device.

Install Duo App

iOS App Store

Once the app is installed, visit the enrollment website on a computer, enter your SHSU credentials to login and then click Start Setup.

Start Setup
Select the type of device you are adding and click Continue.


Note: Although our recommendation is to use the Duo Mobile app on a mobile device for authenticating, Duo does allow multiple ways to authenticate, including Touch ID. If you do select Touch ID, you will not be able to use this option with Respondus Lockdown browser. Please review to the Add a New Device for assistance.

Enter your cell phone number and click Continue.

Enter Phone Num 
Select the type of smartphone you are using and click Continue.

Type of Phone 
If you have not done so already, when you see the screen to Install Duo Mobile log into your smartphone and install the Duo Mobile application. Once the Duo mobile app is installed, click I have Duo Mobile installed.

NOTE: The images below are for an Android device but the instructions are the same for Apple devices. 

Install Duo Mobile

A screen with a QR code will be presented. 

Activate Duo Mobile

NOTE: If you have begun your enrollment from your device, you will need to click on the "Or, have an activation link emailed to you instead" link rather than scan the QR Code. Open the email from your device and click on the link contained within. The Duo Mobile app will be opened and your account will be activated.

Click the + sign at the top of the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone.

Add Account 
The Duo Mobile app will now have a window that is using your smartphone’s camera.  Point your smartphone’s camera to the screen on your desktop or laptop so that the QR code is visible in the window.  The Duo Mobile app will automatically scan the code and process the activation.

Scan Code 
The following Key Icon with Sam Houston State University will appear in the Duo Mobile application.

Process Complete
On your desktop or laptop, the enrollment QR code will automatically change to a check mark and the Continue button will be enabled.  Click Continue.

Web Complete
Your phone number will now show up for confirmation.  Because Duo Push is the most convenient way to use Duo Two-Factor Authentication, you can select Automatically send this device a Duo Push from the drop down box. Click Finish Enrollment.

Finish Enrollment

The enrollment process is now complete.  Thank you for enrolling and enhancing SHSU’s security by using Two-Factor Authentication.

Enrollment Success