Connecting to the T Drive

Connecting to the T:drive drive on your SHSU computer can make accessing the drive easier and quicker. Select the operating system for instructions on how to map a drive.

  • Windows

    Click on the folder icon in the taskbar button or select press the Windows key + E to open Windows Explorer.

    1.Open Windows Explorer

    Once Windows Explorer is open

    1. Select This PC
    2. Select Map Network Drive

    2.Windows Explorer Select Map Network Drive

    In the Map Network Drive dialogue

    1. Specify T: from the Drive drop down list
    2. Type \\winfscommon\common in the Folder field
    3. Check the box for Reconnect at sign-in
    4. Select Finish

    3.Map T Drive Finish

    The T: Drive will be listed under This PC.

    4.T Drive Listed

  • Mac

    Open Finder

    1_Open Finder

    Select Go in top bar

    2_Select Go in top bar

    Select Connect to Server

    3_Select Connect to Server

    Type Server name (smb://winfscommon) and Select Connect

    4_Type Server name_Select connect

    Server is available under Locations

    5_Server avail under Locations