Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign provides the ability for users to send, track, manage and sign documents electronically using a browser or mobile device. Adobe Sign meets or exceeds security and legal compliance standards and therefore the e-signatures legally binding. 

You do not have to have an Adobe Sign license to sign document electronically sent to your email or available on a website. You only need an Adobe Sign account to send, track, and manage documents sent out for electronic signature.

Adobe Sign Login


Staff members within the organizations listed below are automatically provided access upon hiring. These organizations were chosen based on their usage rates. Department heads can submit a software request through Katalyst to either add or remove their organization.

Faculty, student workers, other staff, and employees with dual roles (faculty and staff), can request a license through Katalyst. Supervisors must create requests on behalf of student workers and include a business case to ensure departmental approval and appropriate usage.

Make a Request Download Business Case for Student Workers


Get up-to-speed on how to send, sign, and track documents with these brief step-by-step tutorials.