Set Up Security Key with Duo

At SHSU we understand the importance of safeguarding your online accounts and information in today’s digital world. So to enhance your security, you have the ability to use a security key for your login approvals. What is a security key? A security key plugs right into your computers USB and provides an additional layer of defense beyond traditional passwords.

The recommended security key is the Yubikey. It has already gone through the technology acquisition process and is approved. 

Please note that a security key will not work for accessing MyWorkspace or smart phones and tablets. If you must use this system or devices, this is not an option for you.


Once you have a security key, you need to set it up in Duo. This tutorial uses YubiKey for instructions and will show you how to 

Setup YubiKey

To get started, download and install the YubiKey Manager App. If installing on an SHSU managed device, contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

Once the YubiKey Manager App is installed, open the application to create your own unique YubiKey PIN.

Insert your YubiKey into a USB port when the YubiKey Manager App instructs you to.

YubiKey Manager Insert Key

The YubiKey manager automatically detects the YubiKey when it is inserted. Select FIDO2 from the Applications menu.

YubiKey Manager Apps Menu

Select Set PIN and follow the on-screen instruction to create your PIN.

YubiKey Manager Set PIN

A confirmation will display when the PIN is set.

YubiKey Manager PIN Set

Add YubiKey to Duo

Go to the SHSU Duo Two-Factor Authentication Self-Service Portal and sign in with your SHSU credentials. 


Select Add a new device in the options under the SH logo in the Duo dialogue box. Authenticate with Duo if prompted.


Select Security Key (YubiKey, Feitian, etc.) for the type of device, then Continue.

Duo_Select_Security Key

Select Continue on the following dialogue box.

Duo_Select_Continue to Enroll Key

A pop up will appear in the upper right corner of the browser for Security key setup. Select OK.

Duo_Select_OK for Windows Key Setup

Enter the YubiKey PIN you created in the key setup and select OK.

Duo_Enter PIN Select OK

Touch the security key button, which is the gold circle located on the Yubikey, with your finger..

Duo_Touch Security Key

The Yubikey now displays in the Duo authentication options.

Duo_YubiKey Device Added

Authenticate with YubiKey

You can authenticate with your security key, even it is not your default authentication device. On the Duo login options, select YubiKey from the device drop down options, then select Use Security Key.

Duo_Select YubiKey for Device

Touch the security key button to authenticate.

Duo_Touch Security Key Authentication

Duo authenticates you.

Want to make YubiKey your default authentication device?

Once the Yubikey is an option in the authentication devices drop down, you can choose it as the default method, or leave it as a backup option. You can still use your YubiKey to authenticate without making it the default.

Once logged into Duo, select My Settings & Devices in the options below the SH logo in the Duo dialogue.

Duo_Select My Settings and Devices

Select the key from the authentication device options drop down.

Duo_Select YubiKey fo rDefault Device

You may be prompted to authenticate with the key by touching the button.

Duo_Touch Security Key Authentication

The key is now the default authentication device.

Duo_YubiKey is Default

If you have questions or need assistance, contact the IT Service Desk