FERPA Access Project

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Authorizations

Project Sponsor: Jacob Chandler
 Leader: Lydia Hall

Project Members:
Jeanette Collins
James Van Roekel
Cody Willard
Amy Wilson
Kari Zella

Project Description:
Students currently elect to provide access to their student records as permitted by FERPA, using several disparate methods:  

  • Submitting paper FERPA release form per Financial Aid, 
  • Granting access through the Banner Proxy Portal, and/or 
  • Granting access through TouchNet. 

However, each of these mechanisms creates a disjointed and siloed experience for students and their authorized users. A single approach to managing FERPA authorizations is needed to improve user experience for both students and staff. 

Project Goal: 
Use low-code tools to: 

  • Design and implement a process to collect authorization for release of FERPA information from authenticated students. 
  • Provide an interface for employees to search for and access FERPA authorization selections by SamID. 
  • Provide an interface for employees to make a record of the specific information communicated to authorized users. 
  • Maintain a history of FERPA authorizations by students for audit purposes. 

Strategic Plan Alignment:

  • Priority 1: Prioritize Student Success and Student Access

Project Updates:

Project Outcomes:
Each project is assessed upon dissemination and implementation.  Outcomes from these assessments will be listed here once available.