Campus Connect

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What is Campus Connect?

Campus Connect is the chosen name for the Navigate Student Success Collaborative platform that SHSU utilizes in partnership with the Education Advisory Board. EAB is a best-practices firm that works with colleges and universities alike to support students from enrollment to graduation and beyond.

Why does SHSU use Campus Connect?

As a Navigate Student Success Collaborate school, SHSU is committed to connecting students with resources and personnel that will assist them through their enrollment journey. College can be complex and Campus Connect equips all Bearkats with a level of access to university support that can simplify the college experience.

More-so, the Campus Connect platform provides predictive analytic technology to administrators, faculty and staff. Administrators can utilize platform data to make strategic decisions regarding student success initiatives. Additionally, faculty and staff can utilize platform data to help students make informed decisions about their education. The Student Success Technologies department works with all stakeholders in leveraging this data to support departments in their interventions.