About Us

About Us

The Innovation department supports the institution to think differently and bring about positive, needed change within the university. We do this by focusing on four major areas:

Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Encouraging collaboration among division teams to lead to impactful solutions identified in the strategic plan. The innovation team will facilitate cross-divisional meetings to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange across various fields.

Provide Incubation

Once focused ideas are identified, the innovation team will provide support and resources to develop them into viable projects. This may include facilitating access to funding, connections, and collaboration opportunities, as well as assisting with the formulation of business plans and/or next steps toward approved goals.

Evaluation and Impact of Assessment

It is crucial for the innovation team to assess the impact and success of their initiatives. They can track progress of projects, measure their outcomes, and evaluate the effectiveness of their support programs. This feedback loop enables continuous improvement and ensures that resources are allocated effectively.

Idea Generation and Identification

The team can actively encourage and solicit innovation ideas from students, faculty, and staff members. They can organize brainstorming sessions, innovation challenges, and idea competitions to stimulate creative thinking and identify potential projects.