Stakeholder Engagement Initiative

Project Sponsor: Jacob Chandler
Project Leader: Jacob Chandler

Project Members:
Jacob Chandler
Ann Theodori
Jenn Arko
Kelsey Miller
Holly Barecky
Holly Cantú
Megan St Vigne
Jessica Collier
Kasey Shelton
Mary Pascarella
Matt Chastine

Project Description:

Implement a robust, university-wide CRM that can replace many of the technologies in our existing portfolio of products.

Project Goals:

  • 1:1 replacement of functionality, later to expand
  • Campus-wide Collaboration

Strategic Plan Alignment:

  • Priority 1: Prioritize Student Success and Student Access
  • Priority 2: Embody a Culture of Excellence
  • Priority 4: Expand and Elevate our Service to the State and Beyond

Project Updates:

Project Outcomes:
Each project is assessed upon dissemination and implementation.  Outcomes from these assessments will be listed here once available.