Academic Integrity Process

Academic Integrity Process

Project Sponsor: Jacob Chandler
Project Leader: Jacob Chandler

Project Members:
Jenn Arko
Anne Galliard
Dennis Mosley
Chelsea Smith
James Van Roekel
Ryan Zapalac

Project Description:

In the event of an infraction against the Academic Integrity Policy Statement 810213, instructors are required to complete the Academic Integrity Reporting Form and submit to parties as deemed by the Policy.  There has been some difficulty in tracking these events and maintaining a catalog of infractions, primarily for utilization by the Dean of Students’ Office in assisting Academic Affairs work with students in ensuring integrity in academic experiences. As a response to recommendations from the Office of General Council and SHSU Internal Audit, the Academic Integrity committee must implement a system capable of tracking infractions, appeals, and rulings. 

Project Goals:

  • Design and implement a process to collect documentation for infractions of Academic Integrity Policy information from authenticated instructors, students, and administrators.
  • Provide an interface for employees to search for and access Academic Integrity infractions by SamID.
  • Provide an interface for the Dean of Students’ Office to analyze infractions.
  • Maintain a history of Academic Integrity infractions by students for documentation purposes.

Strategic Alignment:

  • Priority 1: Prioritize Student Success and Student Access
  • Priority 2: Embody a Culture of Excellence

Project Updates:

Project Outcomes:
Each project is assessed upon dissemination and implementation.  Outcomes from these assessments will be listed here once available.