Moving FORWARD - FORWARD Program - First-Year Experience - A Student Success Initiative

Contact: THECB Foster Liaison Brenda Fernandez


Moving into one of our many residence halls gives you a new home in a safe environment. We can offer year-round on-campus housing and in some cases, waivers on holiday break fees.  Living at SHSU can be exciting and fun! Our Residence Life office is ready to help with your questions and concerns. 

  • The Residence Life “Frequently Asked Questions” page is a good place to visit regarding housing questions. 
  • Please complete an on-campus housing application to live on-campus.
  • The Education and Training Voucher (ETV) may help pay for room and board at Sam Houston State University. Please print and complete the ETV Voucher Application. (Scroll down on page)
  • Whenever the University closes for break periods, all of the residence halls close. You must apply for break housing in order to stay in your room during the break. Break housing costs extra, so check with your Financial Aid counselor to see if you may qualify for a waiver of this fee. Questions regarding break housing can be directed toward the Assistant Director of Housing Services, Katy Earp at (936) 294-1815 or email:
  • Sam Houston State offers a variety of Bearkat Learning Community Programs that further enhance the residential experience and build on the natural partnership between on-campus living and the academic curriculum. Find more information by visiting the Bearkat Learning Community.
  • The Sam Houston State University Freshman Learning Community (FLC) cohorts are an enhanced non-residential educational experience specifically designed to foster the intellectual development of students through increased interaction with fellow students, faculty and staff. The FLC cohorts offer first-year college students a unique opportunity to become intimately familiar with the necessary academic and social skills that will be a first step toward not only a dynamic undergraduate experience, but one that will prove invaluable in either the work place or post-baccalaureate education.
  • Any other questions regarding housing can be directed toward the Assistant Director of Housing Services, Katy Earp at (936) 294-1815 or email: