Request Emergency Funds

Being a college student is hard enough and sometimes unexpected things happen, making the college experience a little more difficult. The Bearkat Emergency Fund allows enrolled students the opportunity to access short-term financial assistance in times of need. Through the support and compassion of generous donors, resources have been established to assist students who experience a qualifying event or emergency.

Students in need of financial assistance should complete the application below. The information you provide in the applications helps our staff determine the best way to assist you. Documentation may include:

  • Termination letter from employer
  • Invoice from mechanic/hospital
  • Insurance claim with amount you are responsible for
  • OR anything that documents the situation that you are seeking financial assistance for.

If approved, you will receive a confirmation email. Any assistance will be posted as a refund to your SHSU account and deposited based on your refund setup.

For questions about this program, please contact us at

Donate to SHSU

Bearkats can help each other by donating in times of emergency to provide relief and assistance to others in the SHSU community who need it. There are a multitude of ways to donate to SHSU, but the following options are the most impactful during emergency situations:

Bearkat Emergency Fund

The Bearkat Emergency Fund provides temporary financial assistance to students impacted by emergency situations (hurricanes, flooding, etc). This fund is managed by a committee that reviews requests to consider expenses and resources Bearkats require during times of crisis and emergency. You can donate online via the "DONATE NOW" link below and selecting "Bearkat Emergency Fund" from the Gift Designation drop-down menu.

SHSU Food Pantry

The SHSU Food Pantry helps alleviate food insecurities by having frequent distributions and resources available to Bearkats when they need it most. You can donate online via the "DONATE NOW" link below and selecting "SHSU Food Pantry" from the Gift Designation drop-down menu.

Bearkats Helping Bearkats

Funds to benefit individual students experiencing financial hardship should be earmarked for the Bearkat Emergency Fund, which is a gift account managed by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. Alumni, friends, faculty and staff, students, and student organizatons who are interested in supporting students through the Bearkat Emergency Fund are encouraged to give a gift or by calling 936-294-3625.

Because all forms of income affect a student’s eligibility for financial aid and may be taxable to the recipient, the administrators of the Bearkat Emergency Fund within the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office must carefully screen applicants and document funds earmarked for student recipients to ensure compliance with all financial aid rules and regulations.