Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request data?

SHSU employees, please click the "SHSU Employees: Request a Report or Dataset" link on the navigation bar to the right. The link specifically for Data Analytics and Decision Support requests in the Katalyst Employee portal will open, and you can enter the details of your request.

Non-affiliated individuals can request data by following the directions listed on the "Open Records Requests" link in the navigation bar to the right.

Depending on the level of detail and request specifications, data requests will require from a few days to several weeks to be completed. Please be as specific in terms of cohorts, terms, and variables as possible. Questions about pending work orders can be routed to Data Analytics and Decision Support at 936-294-3619.

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Where can I find data on enrollment, graduation, and other statistics?

Official certified data, such as enrollment and graduation rates, are available from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Accountability website. However, DADS will gladly provide this data as requested through the "SHSU Employees: Request a Report or Dataset" link.

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Why doesn't DADS report individual data?

In most cases, federal law prohibits the dissemination of individual student information, and Data Analytics and Decision Support ethical guidelines stress the protection of the privacy of small or easily identifiable groups.

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Who is the primary contact for faculty data?

Ms. Jamilyn White, Director of Faculty Records and Reporting, at (936) 294-1024 can address questions regarding SHSU faculty reports. If you are unsure as to the source of your data needs, please submit a work order request to DADS, and we will be happy to assist you.

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Can DADS send out my surveys?

At SHSU, internal surveys for bona fide business purposes are facilitated by IT@Sam. Data Analytics and Decision Support can assist you with pre-survey study methodology and post-survey results analysis for paper, phone, and web surveys. DADS does not authorize or approve a department's decision to conduct a survey, and in some cases DADS will require documentation that internal authorizations were obtained, including, but not limited to, Institutional Review Board, Divisional Vice President, and Academic College Chair, Dean or Provost.

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