Volunteer Application

We appreciate your interest in being a volunteer for the SHSU Charter School campuses. SHSU University requires all volunteers and chaperones to have a background check completed and cleared before anyone can volunteer/chaperone on our campuses or field trips. The number of volunteers may be limited depending on the event. Please complete the following form and return it by email to charterschool@shsu.edu.

Click here to download: Volunteer Form.

Upon  receiving the completed form, the SHSU Charter School business office will  forward the form to the Human Resources Department for processing.  The form will be sent to “Accurate”, a company that process all background checks for the University.   Accurate will send you an email that is time sensitive with a link that you must open and complete their required information within 10 days.  THIS LINK WILL EXPIRE.  If this happens, you must complete a new volunteer form and start the process over.  You  can only submit for a background clearance check 2 times within a school year.  The background process usually takes 4-5 business days.  If you have not lived in Texas for the last 2 years,  or if you have lived in another country, your background check may take longer to process. 

These background checks are only applicable for 1 school year; and must be submitted at the beginning of every  school year to participate as a volunteer or chaperone.

Upon approval, you will receive a completed and cleared email from the SHSU Charter School business office confirming your clearance to volunteering or chaperoning.  The PTO and the campus leaders will also be notified of your status.

We appreciate your time and helping our students and teacher succeed!