GUIA - Graduate/Undergraduate Instructor Academy



The Graduate/Undergraduate Instructor Academy (GUIA) is a professional development event, designed to assist graduate adjunct instructors, instructional assistants, graduate assistants, lab instructors, lab assistants, teaching assistants, tutors, mentors, supplemental instructors, and more with instructional training and resources.

The GUIA event is designed to aid departments and centers in affording student employees with consistent, campus wide, professional development to better support student learning and success. GUIA is not intended to subsume center, departmental, or content specific training. It does, however, aim to streamline training for students that work in several departments/centers across campus – thus reducing the chances for replicated efforts.


The goals for the academy are to:

  1. Provide student participants with quality, pertinent, and/or research based professional development (e.g. conflict resolution, classroom management, etc.)
  2. Increase efficiency with institutional resources (e.g. pool campus resources for purchasing participant food, bring experts to one meeting for greater impact and consistency)
  3. Make student participants aware of their legal/professional obligations (e.g. FERPA,Title IX)
  4. Make student participants aware of the various support services across campus (e.g. Food Pantry, Counseling Center, etc.; Because students are more likely to relay needs and hardships to instructors their own age)
  5. Provide participants with greater awareness of diversity in the classroom AND training to creating a more inclusive learning environment