G.U.I.A. - Graduate/Undergraduate Instructor Academy

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August 23, 2024!



The Graduate/Undergraduate Instructor Academy (GUIA) is a professional development event, designed to assist graduate adjunct instructors, instructional assistants, graduate assistants, lab instructors, lab assistants, teaching assistants, tutors, mentors, supplemental instructors, and more with instructional training and resources.

The GUIA event is designed to aid departments and centers in affording student employees with consistent, campus wide, professional development to better support student learning and success. GUIA is not intended to subsume center, departmental, or content specific training. It does, however, aim to streamline training for students that work in several departments/centers across campus – thus reducing the chances for replicated efforts.


The goals for the academy are to:

  1. Provide student instructional employees (SIE) with quality, pertinent, and/or research based holistic development to promote career readiness, both personal and professional (e.g., TACS, SHSU Online, headshots, business cards) D1*

  2. Provide SIE with quality, pertinent, and/or research based holistic development to prioritize student success and access (e.g., classroom management, Blackboard training, Tutoring/Mentoring101) A1*, A6*

  3. Align processes and institutional resources to improve efficiency, training, and messaging (e.g., pool campus resources for purchasing participant food, bringing experts to one meeting for greater impact and consistency) B2*

  4. Provide supportive and empowering workplace to make SIE aware of their legal/professional obligations (e.g., FERPA,Title IX) B3*, B4*

  5. Make SIE aware of the various support services across campus to prioritize student success and access, provide excellent/timely service, and provide supportive, empowering, and culturally responsive workplace (e.g., Food Pantry, Counseling Center, etc.; because students are more likely to relay needs and hardships to instructors their own age) A1*, A6*, B4*, B5*

  6. Provide SIE with greater awareness of culturally engaged practices (relevant and responsive) in the classroom AND training to improve sense of belonging in the Bearkat Community (e.g. Title IX) B3*, D3*

    • University Strategic Plan: Goal Alignment*

      SHSU Strategic Priorities and Goals

      A. Priority 1: Prioritize Student Success and Student Access


      1. Recruit, retain, graduate, and transform students to succeed to drive sustainable growth*
      2. Academic agility
      3. Implement innovative, market-driven academic programs supported by flexible scheduling and modality
      4. Develop micro-credentials that provide academic credit toward degree programs
      5. Establish pathways from professional competencies to academic credit
      6. Eliminate opportunity and achievement gaps*

      B. Priority 2: Embody a Culture of Excellence


      1. Academic excellence
      2. Align processes and resources, such as staffing, facilities, technology, and other assets to strategic priorities*
      3. Provide a supportive, empowering, and culturally responsive workplace*
      4. Integrate and advance an institutional culture that fosters and embraces inclusive excellence and a climate where students, faculty, staff, alumni, community partners, friends, and visitors feel included and supported*
      5. Provide excellent and timely service to students, faculty, staff, visitors, and alumni
      6. Revenue generation and optimization

      C. Priority 3: Elevate the Reputation and Visibility of SHSU


      1. Increase internal and external strategic partnerships within three years
      2. Increase local, national, international high-profile quality events hosted by SHSU
      3. Strengthen relationships with the greater SHSU community
      4. Identify/improve, promulgate, and leverage SHSU brand
      5. Elevate the university's reputation and community engagement by becoming a successful NCAA Division I (FBS) Conference USA member
      6. Establish a more visible and high-profile culture of philanthropy, service, and community engagement

      D. Priority 4: Expand and Elevate our Service to the State and Beyond


      1. Promote career readiness and attainment through experiences that facilitate personal and professional development and connections*
      2. Provide innovative ways to engage and serve the community
      3. Enhance programmatic efforts and initiatives for historically underserved populations for educational opportunities*
      4. Establish community engagement as a signature high impact practice and program for the university
      5. Utilize regional alumni (clubs) and opportunities to facilitate university initiatives


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Academic Success Center

The Graduate & Professional School

Newton Gresham Library

SHSU Online

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