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Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2014



Coordinator: Douglas R. Ullrich     (936)294-1188     agr_dru@shsu.edu


1. Present evidence of the development of an area of technical specialty with an Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences degree from a junior/community college.

  1. Sixty-six semester hours (plus four semester hours of activity physical education) may be transferred from another educational institution. This should include thirty-six hours in-block coursework in an organized technical program.
  2. The specialty title of the Associates of Applied Sciences degree must be posted to the transcript for approval for entry into the BAAS program
  3. Students MUST be advised by the program coordinator to have transcripts reviewed and a declaration of major/minor submitted before full acceptance into the BAAS program is finalized.

2. Complete a baccalaureate degree plan from residence and transfer credit which contains a minimum of 120 semester credit hours and includes the following:

  1. Forty-two semester hours of advanced level credits (courses taken at the junior-senior level at a senior institution).
  2. A twenty-one hour minor in a field related to the student’s technical specialty. All hours in the minor should be at advanced level. If a minor is selected that does not require
    twenty-one advanced hours the student must take extra advanced electives to reach the required 42 advanced hours.
  3. A nine hour internship is required. If the minor department does not offer an internship the Career and Technology Program will administer the internship. This is in addition to the twenty-one hour minor.
  4. A total of 42 advanced hours (300-400 level classes) must be taken. These hours may come in part from the minor and required internship. Additional elective hours will be
    required to complete this requirement.
  5. Complete 42 hours in general education, refer to section on core requirements (may include up to 30 hours of core academics from community college courses – see program coordinator for clarification).

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.)


Major (A.A.S. degree – in-block courses)    36 hours
Minor    21 hours
General Education Requirements (Core Curriculum)    42 hours
Electives (12 advanced hours)    12 hours
Internship (CAT 406 or in minor field)      9 hours
120 hours


This degree program is administered by the Department of Agricultural and Industrial Sciences and the College of Arts and Sciences.


Career and Technology Course Descriptions

CAT 406 Work-Based Mentorship. Designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain specialized work-based experiences. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing. May be repeated or taken concurrently to a maximum of 9 hours. Writing enhanced. Credit 1-9.

Internships or Work-Based Mentorship

An internship or work-based mentorship in career and technology is intended to provide experience-based learning opportunities for students in their respective discipline of study. These internships are limited to students seeking a BAAS degree. Students generally seek an internship or work-based mentorship experience at the end of their sophomore or junior year. The course identified for internship or work-based mentorship is CAT 406 (or minor field internship) and may be arranged through student contact with providers or through departmental faculty, staff announcements or career services postings. All internships or work-based mentorships must receive prior departmental approval. Maximum credit for internship or work-based mentorship is nine (9) credit hours.


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