Dual Credit

Dual Credit at SHSU

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has a program implemented in Texas High schools for juniors and seniors to be able to enroll in college courses, through a local community college the high school has the agreement with, and receive academic credit for the high school course as well as college credit. This gives an opportunity for incoming freshman students to start their college career with college credits already.

With dual credit, incoming freshman will have the allotted credits added to their college transcript, and it will appear as transfer credits. These courses will factor into their transfer GPA on their academic record. Once they start to take courses at Sam Houston State University, they will have a Transfer GPA and a SHSU GPA that will be combined together to give their Overall GPA.

If a student wishes to retake the courses they originally received as dual credit, they are able to, and Sam Houston will report the highest grade received on their transcript.

For more information on Dual Credit, you can find it on The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.