Automatic Admission - Freshman

Automatic Admission at SHSU

Automatic Admission is granted when eligible prospective freshmen are in the Top 10% of their high school graduating class in one of the two school years preceding the academic year for which they are applying for admission with one of the following diploma types:

  • (HB5) Distinguished Achievement
  • (UAS) Distinguished

Automatic Admission is granted when eligible prospective freshmen graduate high school with one of the following diploma types:

  • (HB5)* Foundations with Endorsement(s)
  • (HB5) Distinguished Achievement
  • (UAS) Recommended
  • (UAS) Distinguished
  • Or equivalent

*The Endorsement earned must be noted on the transcript provided.

AND meet the requirements on the chart below (requirements are based on a 4.0 scale).

automatic-admission-fall 2023 automatic-admission-fall 2024

If GPA and/or test scores do not fall within the ranges listed on the above table, applications will receive holistic review. Please note: if being considered by holistic review, you will be required to submit a Personal Statement Essay. The essay prompt and instructions will be sent to you if required. Holistic review decisions are final.

Students automatically admitted into SHSU still need to submit test scores to be considered for certain scholarships.

The requirements summarized in the above table are for Texas high school students on the Recommended (UAS), Distinguished (UAS), Foundations with Endorsement(s) (HB5)*, or Distinguished Achievement (HB5) plans. Applicants from private schools or home schools must have an equivalent diploma type, and home school transcripts must be notarized. Graduates of a non-accredited high school and students who earned the GED must meet the requirements listed in the SHSU Undergraduate Catalog (