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The following minor in "Early Childhood Education" has been approved as a minor for many degree programs at SHSU. It may also be used to complete degree requirements for the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree program.

The minor was designed to aid students required to complete a four year degree incorporating the AAS degrees in Early Childhood Education.

To fulfill the requirement for this minor, students must complete all the following [18 hours]:

ECE 363 - Working with Families of Diverse Communities
ECE 329 - Guidance of Young Children
ECE 319 - Guidance of Young Children: Field Experience
ECE 433 - Developmentally Appropriate Programs for Young Children
ECE 475 - Early Childhood Theory and Cognition [new class]
BSL 333 - Language Acquisition Theory for Second Language Learners
RDG 393 - Emergent and Beginning Literacy

The total hours required for this minor is 18 hours all of which are advanced.


An additional 24 hours are required to reach the 42 advanced hour requirement. It will be recommended that students select these hours from the following. Other advanced hours are acceptable with approval of the student advisor.

RDG 380a - Literacy Assessment and Instruction
SPD 475 - Developmental Disabilities in Young Children [new class]
CAT 406 - Mentorship #1
CAT 406 - Mentorship #2
CAT 406 - Mentorship #3
COM 384 - Speech for Teachers
LS 361 - Literature and Related Material for Children
EED 475 - Technology [new class]
BSL 475 - Multicultural Influences on Learning [new class]
PSY 374a - Child Development / Psychology of the Young Child


+3 hours of 300-400 level Elective

Students seeking the BAAS must be fully admitted into the Bachelors of Applied Arts and Sciences prior to developing a formal declared major and minor. The formal review, declaration and substitution approval process will be managed by the Coordinator of the Bachelors of Applied Arts and Sciences program. Individuals seeking information on the BAAS should contact Dr. Doug Ullrich at 936.294.1215 or 936.294.1188 or Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

Students seeking to use the Early Childhood Education minor in other degree programs should contact the department chair/advisor of the desired major.