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Chemistry Transfer Pathway

Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCN)


The following table lists transfer courses leading to a concentration/major in Chemistry. It is extremely important for the student to complete two years of chemistry (general and organic), a year of calculus, and a year of physics prior to transfer to Sam Houston State University if the student intends to take junior-level chemistry courses upon arrival. If the student is planning on a minor in Biology, the student should also take BIOL 1411 and BIOL 1413.


Major TCCNS Course



Required Support Courses





PHYS 1401

PHYS 1301/1101

CHEM 1411

CHEM 1411


PHYS 1402

PHYS  1302/1102

CHEM 1412

CHEM 1412


BIOL 1411*

BIOL 1411*

CHEM 2423

CHEM 2323/2123


BIOL 1413*

BIOL 1413*

CHEM 2425

CHEM 2325/2125


MATH 2413

MATH 1420


CHEM 2401


MATH 2414

MATH 1430




* for Biology minors


Chemistry majors are not required to complete the 1 hour core requirement where non-majors must select from the choice of 1 hour from ECON, KINE or NGLI.


  • A maximum of 66 transfer credit hours (“C” or better excluding kinesiology) may be applied to a degree at SHSU. Students should carefully select courses to complete the associate degree while minimizing the number of hours that might exceed the 66-hour cap for transfer credit

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