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Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology

The mission of the Kinesiology program is to advance students’ understanding of relationships among movement, exercise, and skill that occur in the contexts of development, learning, rehabilitation, and training.

The program seeks to prepare future professionals for movement-related fields such as teaching, coaching, personal exercise, training and fitness, allied health, and athletic training. Learning occurs through the study of movement and exercise processes within a framework that emphasizes the clinical and practical implications of theory and research.


Explore our undergraduate program options:

  • BS Athletic Training
  • BS Kinesiology - Physical Education Teacher Education
  • BS Kinesiology (Concentrations in Applied Exercise Science and Clinical Exercise Science)
  • BS Kinesiology (Generalist)

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training

SHSU Course Title

SHSU Course Prefix and Number

Anatomy & Physiology I*+

BIOL 2403

Anatomy & Physiology II+

BIOL 2404

General Chemistry I*+

CHEM 1411

Introduction to Psychology*+

PSYCH 1301

Lifetime Health & Wellness*◊

KINE 2115

Statistical Methods in Practice or Elementary Statistics+

MATH 3379/MATH 1369

Pre Calculus Algebra*+

MATH 1314

*Satisfies Core Curriculum Requirements

+ Satisfies Degree Specific Requirements

◊ Satisfies Major Requirements


The baccalaureate degree in Athletic Training includes 122 credit hours and consists of 3 components:

    • A 42-hour Core Curriculum*.
    • A 24-hour block of Degree Specific Requirements+.
    • A 74-hour block of Athletic Training major courses. The Athletic Training Program maintains a competitive secondary admission process, and the number of students admitted to the program will depend on the number of placements available (typically 10-15 students annually). Students must meet the following academic requirements for consideration of admission to the SHSU Athletic Training Program:
  • Complete the 42-hour core curriculum as well as the program specific prerequisites with no grade less than a “C”. The program prerequisite courses include:
    • BIOL 2403 Anatomy & Physiology I
    • BIOL 2404 Anatomy & Physiology II
    • CHEM 1411 General Chemistry I or CHEM 1406 Inorganic & Environmental Chemistry
    • KINE 2115 Lifetime Health and Wellness
    • MATH 3379 Statistical Methods in Practice or MATH 1369 Elementary Statistics
    • ATTR 2300 Introduction to Athletic Training
    • ATTR 2110 Taping and Bandaging
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Earn a “B” or better in KINE 2115, ATTR 2300, and ATTR 2110


For additional information, visit the Athletic Training home page:

Athletic Training

(936) 294-1170

Department of Kinesiology HKC 207


Student Advising and Mentoring Center

(936) 294-4444


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (Physical Education Teacher Education)

SHSU Course Title

SHSU Course Prefix and Number

Human Anatomy or Human Anat & Phys I

*BIOL 2401 or 2403

Human Physiology or Human Anat & Phys II

*BIOL 2402 or 2404

Contemporary Biology or Foundations Of Science

*BIOL 1408 or 1436

Inorganic & Envir Chem or General Chem or Classical Physics & Thermdynmc/Class Phy & Thermodynamics Lab

*CHEM 1406 or CHEM 1411 or PHYS 1305/1105

Racquet Sports or Basketball/Soccer

KINE 1110 or 1113

Softball and Volleyball or Wgt Train & Phy Conditioning

KINE 2113 or 2114

Foundations of Kinesiology

KINE 1331

Lifetime Health & Wellness

*KINE 2115


FACS 2362

*Satisfies Core Curriculum Requirements

The baccalaureate of science degree in Kinesiology with emphasis in Physical Education Teacher Education consists of 4 components.

  • A 42-hour Core Curriculum
  • A 11-hour Degree Specifics
  • A 43-hour Kinesiology Major Courses. Students must earn “C” or better in all Kinesiology courses.
  • A 24-hour Secondary Education Minor. A 2.75 GPA is required to be admitted in the Secondary Education Program. If a student chooses an additional Minor for a second teaching field the restrictive electives in Kinesiology major will be waived.

For additional information, visit the Physical Education Teacher Education home page:

Physical Education Teacher Education

(936) 294-1170

Department of Kinesiology HKC 207


Student Advising and Mentoring Center

(936) 294-4444