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Interdisciplinary Agriculture Transfer Pathway

Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCN)


The Department of Agricultural Sciences welcomes all applicants interested in agriculture. Please do not hesitate to contact us with question or need for information. For the most up to date information on current activities, clubs, and faculty contacts please visit our home page at                  

Major TCCNS Course



Major TCCNS Course


Interdisciplinary Agriculture



Degree Specific Requirements


AGRI 1131

AGRI 1131


CHEM 1305 & 1105

CHEM 1406

AGRI 2303

AGET 2303


MATH 1342

MATH 1369

AGRI 2317

AGBU 2317




AGRI 1307

PLSC 1307




AGRI 1319

ANSC 1319




AGRI 1309

AGRI 1309





The baccalaureate degree in Interdisciplinary Agriculture components:

  • A maximum of 66 transfer credit hours (“C” or better excluding kinesiology) may be applied to a degree at SHSU. Students should carefully select courses to complete the associate degree while minimizing the number of hours that might exceed the 66-hour cap for transfer credit
  • In addition to the major core above transfer students should complete all or as much as possible of the state mandated 42-hour core curriculum including: Communications; Mathematics; Life & Physical Science; Language, Philosophy and Culture; Social and Behavioral Science; and Component Area Option if available.       Use your institutions 42-hour core as a guide maximizing courses in the above major core which are included in your institutions state mandated core.
  • NOTE: If seeking teaching certification in Agricultural Sciences do not take a Creative or Fine Arts at community college – Instead students need to take PLSC 2399 – Floral Design at SHSU
  • The above courses may generally be used as transfer credit in Agriculture

Department of Agricultural Sciences   936.294.1216

Pirkle Engineering Tech Bldg. Room 400

Student Advising and Mentoring Center: (936) 294-4444

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