Security Studies Careers

What Can I Do with a Homeland Security Studies Degree?

Because homeland security encompasses so many different agencies, organizations and corporations, a graduate with this degree can work in many different areas. Texas is a prime beneficiary of the program as home to two of the nation's largest airport, 16 water ports, 29 oil refineries, national-level medical centers, and the longest border with a foreign country in the contiguous United States.

Graduates of the program have been employed by:

  • The Department of Homeland Security (Border Patrol)
  • The Central Intelligence Agency (Intelligence Analyst)
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (Intelligence Analyst)
  • Local Police Departments (Crime Analysts)
  • South Texas Nuclear Power Plant (Plant Security)
  • Photofax (Surveillance Firm)
  • Mustang Engineering (International Oilfield Service Company)
  • G4S Security (Private Security)

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