Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are the clinicians at the PSC?

    All clinicians at the Psychological Services Center are doctoral students in psychology who are completing extensive training in providing psychological services. Licensed psychologists supervise all work completed at the PSC.

  • What kind of services are offered at the PSC ?

    We offer a wide range of services for adults, adolescents, and children to the community and other populations.  Please see our Services Offered page for an extensive listing of the services offered.

  • Where is the Psychological Services Center located?

    Please see Location.

  • Whom does the PSC serve?

    The majority of clients who seek services at the PSC are community members from Huntsville or surrounding areas. Thus far, clinical services have been provided to adults, children, and families from a wide variety of backgrounds, including those individuals from varied ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Students enrolled at the University are encouraged to contact the University Counseling Center, a separate facility on campus not associated with the PSC, as this service is typically covered by student fees.

    Currently, the PSC provides services for several community organizations such as Montgomery County Youth Services, Montgomery County Department of Community Supervision and Corrections, Walker County Juvenile Services, Walker County Corrections and Community Supervision Department, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, and Children's Protective Services. These services have included both therapy and assessments tailored to the needs of the organizations. New agencies interested in obtaining services through the PSC are encouraged to contact the Clinic Director for more information.

    The PSC provides forensic evaluations for both attorneys and courts in ten counties. Evaluations are conducted both at the PSC or at a correctional facility.

  • What is the procedure to obtain individual services from the PSC?

    To obtain services from the PSC , individuals are encouraged to call (936) 294-1210 to complete a telephone intake with a student clinic coordinator. The telephone intake is free of charge and typically takes approximately 15 minutes. During this time, the clinic coordinators will ask about your reasons for seeking psychological services and decide on an appropriate recommendation for treatment. Although parents may call to seek service for their children, individuals over the age of 17 must contact the PSC on their own.

    The PSC strives to help all clients in a timely manner, but sometimes is faced with a waiting list that may range from one week to eight weeks. If you are unable to wait the length of the waiting list, please ask the staff for an appropriate referral.

    Agencies interested in obtaining services through the PSC should contact the Clinic Director for more information about available services. Attorney and courts interested in these services are also encouraged to contact the Clinic Director.

  • What are the PSC's fees?

    Fees at the clinic are determined from a sliding scale based on income and number of dependents. Fees are determined by the Clinic Director and are assigned once a telephone intake has been completed with the clinic coordinators. The PSC does not accept insurance. Agencies negotiate their fees with the Clinic Director.

    You are entitled to a Good Faith Estimate for your services.

  • Is the PSC Americans with Disabilities Acts (ADA) compliant?

    Alongside the building is parking for individuals with disabilities. The front entrance of the PSC is wheelchair accessible. Additional arrangements could be made as needed.

  • Does the PSC offer medication services?

    No. Please contact the PSC for referrals.

  • Is the PSC a crisis facility?

    <The PSC does not provide 24-hour crisis intervention. Individuals experiencing a crisis are encouraged to contact the Tri-County MHMR crisis line at 1-800-659-6994, appropriate legal personnel (such as 911 or the police), and/or Huntsville Memorial Hospital at 936-291-4583.

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