Ross Guida

Ross Guida Ross Guida
Department of Geography and Geology
P.O. Box 2148
Huntsville, TX 77341
 (936) 294-1233
GEOG 1401 Weather and Climate
GEOG 2320 Sustainability and Environment
GEOG 2341 Physical Geography
GEOG 4430 Hydrology and Water Resources
GEOG 4432 Geomorphology
Flood Modeling
Water Resources

Assistant Professor
Physical Geography and Environmental Modeling

I have been interested in the physical landscape, water, and understanding more about the world around us since I was a kid growing up near Lake Michigan. That water-related and physical-environmental-human interface continues to be a main focus today and was a central theme throughout my undergraduate work in Wisconsin and my graduate work in Nevada and Illinois.

My research is interdisciplinary with methods grounded in physical geography, GIS, and environmental modeling. My main interests are in flood modeling, water resources, and the influence of people on physical environmental changes, especially along rivers and lakes.

Previous projects have involved coring lake sediment in Northern Wisconsin, modeling Mojave Desert vegetation, and surveying Nevada residents on climate change perceptions. My research also took me overseas to work on Tisza River flooding issues in Hungary and Central Europe. Most recently, I have focused on modeling floodplain reconnection scenarios along the Illinois River in the U.S. Midwest. This recent river-related work used hydrologic and hydraulic modeling coupled with geospatial datasets to assess the effects of levee setbacks and removals on flood levels and the resulting economic and ecological impacts. My current research focuses on flooding issues and rivers in southeast Texas.

I enjoy working with students and teaching the physical geography and human-environment courses that contribute to the Environmental Geography track and Geology and Environmental Science electives