Gang Gong

Gang Gong Gang Gong
Department of Geography and Geology
P.O. Box 2148
Huntsville, TX 77341
 (936) 294-4564
GEOG 3363 Computer Cartography
GEOG 4359 Transportation Geography
GEOG 4468 Remote Sensing
GEOG 5364 Spatial Analysis
GEOG 5368 GIS Program Use and Applications
Air Transportation
Population Studies

Associate Professor, Graduate Advisor
Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis

Broadly trained as a human geographer, I have strong interests in transportation and population studies. I am also interested in the application of geospatial technologies such as GIS and Remote Sensing. I am active in conducting research applying various geospatial techniques in my interested fields. Currently I am working on a number of research topics following this line: (1) fare and network structure of the US domestic air transportation; (2) spatial impact on the measure of urban racial segregation; (3) interpolation of spatial incompatible data; and (4) urban crime analysis.

I spend most of my non-academic time with my kiddos. In my spare time (if there is still any), I am an ardent sports fan. Tennis, badminton, racquetball, volleyball, soccer, just to name a few that I hope to have time to play. One more thing, I wish I could run a marathon someday.