Ava Fujimoto-Strait

Ava Fujimoto-Strait Ava Fujimoto-Strait
Department of Geography and Geology
P.O. Box 2148
Huntsville, TX 77341
 (936) 294-2355
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GEOG 1401 Weather & Climate
GEOG 1321 People, Place & Environment
GEOG 3301 Environmental Geography
GEOG 4360 Hawaii Field Course
Forest-Soil Dynamics
Endemism and Island Ecosystems
Trends in Extreme Rain Events

Lab Coordinator

I am a physical geographer with research interests in both biogeography and climatology. Being from Hawaii, I have always wanted to do something on island biogeography and so that is a future project. This summer, Dr. John Strait and I will be leading a field course to the Big Island of Hawaii. The course will focus on both the cultural and physical diversity of the island with site activities that include a lava hike to watch the lava flowing into the Pacific and forming new land; snorkeling in volcanic tidal pools to assess marine life; hiking to a remote waterfall; and of course, immersing ourselves in the island culture (i.e., the diverse foods; Hawaiian music; surfing; cliff jumping; hula; paniolo country; coffee plantations; etc.).  

Since graduating from the University of Georgia, I have been an instructor at various colleges and universities. As a result, I have taught ten different geography courses and three different internet geography courses during these past 15 years. In addition to teaching here at SHSU, I teach online courses for Lone Star College and Louisiana Delta Community College. I absolutely love teaching (from my very first guest lecture to 250 students at the University of Georgia to the present time) and actually prefer the big lecture hall classes (this partly stems from a childhood of watching my Dad in various public speaking forums). Weather & Climate is one of my favorite courses to teach, because weather is something that we experience every day and there is always an exciting weather event to monitor and discuss. I appreciate the broadness that Geography offers and love sharing that geographic knowledge to anyone who will listen.    

What takes up the majority of my time, are my two kids - my son, Prezley (12) and daughter, Memphis (7). My husband and I are enjoying watching them grow up (though, they are doing it too quickly) and all of the fun activities that they are involved with. I also run and hit the pavement 3-4 times a week.