Portfolio Information

Library Science graduate students must be enrolled in a course during the semester that they satisfactorily complete the Portfolio. Portfolio is a competency, in lieu of comprehensive examination, that must be completed in order to meet the requirements for the Master of Library Science (MLS) degree.

Every graduate program requires a final product for its course of study. Historically, the Department of Library Science has utilized a written comprehensive exam, followed by an oral review and, most recently an electronic portfolio. For the electronic portfolio students are expected to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the body of knowledge gained during their courses in the MLS program.

Portfolio Application

Apply Now

Graduate students who are in their last semester of coursework should apply for portfolio. Graduate students who DO NOT apply for portfolio will NOT have their portfolios taken under consideration. In other words, you must apply for portfolio the semester that you intend to graduate so that your portfolio will be graded, and you will be eligible to meet the requirements for graduation should you meet the requirements of portfolio.

Due Dates for the Application to Begin Work on Portfolio:

  • Fall Semester - September 1
  • Spring Semester - February 1
  • Summer Semester(s) - June 1

For current students more information regarding due dates for portfolio submission for grading, and for important updated information can be found on Blackboard under the LSSL Graduate Students link.

IMPORTANT: Graduate students must submit the required information for their completed portfolio for grading to SHSU Online and Tk20 by the due date.

For more information about portfolio, contact the department at 936-294-1151.