Letter from the President

As a prominent figure during the American Enlightenment, Benjamin Franklin pushed against traditional conventions as both a scientist and influential leader. Among his many publications and practical words of wisdom, he shared his thoughts on the value of education and knowledge, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Nowhere is this truer than in an institution of higher learning. Teaching gives students the knowledge needed to build their own careers and future. Academic scholarship and research create new frontiers of knowledge and learning, while new knowledge and enlightenment shape the world in which we live.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” —Benjamin Franklin

At Sam Houston State University, research and learning underpin the educational experience with resulting outcomes that have both a fundamental and far-reaching impact on students and society as a whole.

Expanding knowledge through research is one of the significant ways SHSU invests in the future. Involving students in research greatly enriches the learning process and fosters the development of new skills; providing benefits felt long into a professional career. 

This issue of Heritage recognizes the support of our many generous donors whose philanthropy not only provides scholarships but also helps fund academic programs and enrichment initiatives. These investments in knowledge have produced untold benefits. 

This magazine also features some of our outstanding faculty who are committed to involving students in research, which reap higher educational and learning returns. However, even more research and academic opportunities can be realized with increased donor support. Your gift can make a powerful difference in a student’s learning experience as well as spur invaluable research and innovation with the potential to change our world.

Thank you for your loyalty and support of Sam Houston State.

Dana G. Hoyt
President, Sam Houston State University

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