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The 21st Annual SHSU Teaching & Learning Conference will be held on Friday, August 23rd, just before the fall semester begins. This year, our keynote speaker will be Josh Eyler, author of How Humans Learn: The Science and Stories behind Effective College Teaching (WVU, 2018) and Director of Faculty Development at the University of Mississippi.

Our Keynote Speaker for TLC24 is Dr. Josh Eyler!

Josh Eyler is Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning and Director of the ThinkForward QEP at the University of Mississippi, where he is also faculty in the Department of Teacher Education. He previously worked on teaching and learning initiatives at Columbus State University, George Mason University, and Rice University. His research interests include the biological basis of learning, evidence-based pedagogy, and disability studies. Find out more about his book How Humans Learn, which is available to check out from the PACE library, on Goodreads. His forthcoming book, Scarlet Letters: How Grades are Harming Children and Young Adults, and What We Can Do about It is about grading and alternative assessment and is written for a wide-ranging audience that includes parents, educators, policy-makers, students, and anyone else who is interested in education and reform.

Josh is a frequent speaker at colleges and universities across the country on topics such as the science of learning and compassion in education, and he often consults with centers for teaching and learning on a range of issues related to programming and research. You can contact Josh at jreyler@olemiss.edu or at @joshua_r_eyler on X (formerly Twitter).

Josh is also a co-founder and principal at Eyler Warner & Associates, a consulting group whose mission is to help colleges and universities design & implement major initiatives. https://eylerwarner.com

Interested in attending?

Registration for TLC24 will open mid-April. Keep an eye on your PACE Newsletter to be notified!