Mission Statement

As a division of Student Activities, Program Council is a student-run organization devoted to creating educationally distinct programs that encourage the development of leadership and life skills through interaction among a diverse student body.

To fulfill our mission Program Council is committed to the following core values:


Achieving and maintaining a balance between a professional and social atmosphere in order to produce an efficient organization.


Continuously challenging yourself and others to grow and adapt to change in order to apply learned knowledge to any situation.


By looking at the big picture, thinking outside the box, and evaluating how Program Council affects others, we see where we are and where we are going, and develop a pathway to success.

Student Focus

Creating fun and innovative programs by the students, for the students in order to satisfy their needs and develop a holistic individual.


Building a positive foundation by mentoring, communicating, cooperating and respecting each other in order to achieve goals and become a powerful organization.