Kat Klub Tournaments

Trivia Nights

Have you been looking for an outlet for all of the random factoids in your braid? Trivia night is the perfect program for you. Every other Monday night at 5pm come with friends and make your bid as the best group random knowledge knowers that SHSU has to offer!

Karaoke Nights

Calling all shower singers! Karaoke night is your calling…every other Tuesday night at 5pm in the Kat Klub lounge area. The stage will be set, the lights will be bright and the mics will be hot. And just in case you forget the words to the song, we will have that for you too!

Poker Tournaments

Shuffle up and deal time! Every other Wednesday night at 5pm the cards are dealt and all that’s missing you going “All In”! Top finishers each week are invited to our Final Table grand finale event at the end of the semester. Can you bluff you way to the final table?

Video Game Tournaments

Have you been looking for that reason to show off your gaming skills?  Every other Wednesday at 5pm is your chance to do just that! Are you all talk or do you have the game to back it up? Let’s see what you got…and remember that the skunk rule is always in effect!

Billiard Tournaments

You don't have to be a pool shark, everyone can play and anyone can win. On Thursday night at 5pm you will get your shot to break and run.

Bowling Tournaments

What’s better that rolling a strike? Rolling another strike of course! Thursdays at 5pm is your chance to show off your spare and strike game and for some it will be their gutter game.

Table Tennis Tournaments

Have you been practicing your serve? Well here is your chance to show it off along with other skills. Lets see if you can smash your way to a victory at our one and only tournament this semester.