Virus Scanning

SHSU currently uses Microsoft Defender for virus scanning. Defender performs quick scan daily and full scan weekly by default. Most of the times, these scans run in the background or overnight, so you may never know the scan is happening. You can run an on-demand scan at any time by following the instructions below.

First, open Defender by

  1. Search for Security in the Start Menu
  2. Highlight Windows Security
  3. Select Open

Start Menu Windows Security

Once open, select Virus & threat protection.

Windows Security at a Glance

For a Quick scan, which scan the most common areas were malware resides and only takes a few minutes, select Quick scan.

Select Quick Scan

To scan the entire system, you will need to run a Full Scan. To access that option, select Scan options.

Select Scan Options

In the Scan options,

  1. Select Full scan.
  2. Click Scan now.

Select Full Scan Now