Outlook - RSS Setup

  • Feed Setup
    1. On the File tab, click Options.
    2. Click Advanced.
    3. In the Outlook Options dialog box, under RSS Feeds, select or clear Synchronize RSS Feeds to the Common Feed List (CFL) in Windows.

    Outlook Advanced Options

  • Subscribe from a Website
    1. On a webpage, click the RSS Feed icon for the content you want to receive.
    2. When the RSS feed opens in the browser, click Subscribe to this feed
  • Subscribe from Outlook
    1. In Outlook, right-click the RSS Feeds folder and select Add a New RSS Feed.
    2. In the New RSS Feed dialog box, enter the URL of the RSS Feed. For example, http://www.example.com/feed/main.xml.


    Tip: Right-click the RSS icon, and then copy the shortcut to the Clipboard. Press Ctrl+V to paste the information from the Clipboard into the RSS Feed location box.

    1. Click Add.
    2. Click OK.