How to Connect to Mobile Hotspot

Most mobile devices have the ability to become a hotspot for wi-fi internet, if needed. To use a hotspot, you need to ensure your wireless service provides hotspot capabilities. 

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  • Apple Hotspot

    1. Go to Settings and select Personal Hotspot.

    Settings Menu

    2. Select the Allow Others to Join option, to enable. The wi-fi password for the device will be displayed. 

    Personal Hotspot Options

  • Android Hotspot

    Android devices will vary slightly depending on the device and its operating system. 

    1. Go to Settings and select Connections or Network and Internet.

    2. Select Mobile Hotspot to enable. 


    Once you have set up your device following the directions above, it will be listed as a wi-fi network for others to join using the wi-fi password given in your device's hotspot settings.