Clear Cache

Clearing cache helps increase the load time for webpages by clearing out old versions of websites. Take a look below for instructions to clear cache on your computer to improve the performance and view the most current version of your favorite websites.

  • Edge

    To get started, open Edge.

    1. Select the Favorites icon
    2. Select History
    3. Select Clear history


    Ensure the Cached data and files box is checked and select Clear.


    When it is done, All clear! will be displayed.


  • Chrome

    Open Chrome

    1. Select the 3 vertical dots in the upper right hand of the browser
    2. Hover over More tools and additional options will display
    3. Select Clear browsing data

    Chrome Selec tOptions More Tools Clear

    In the Clear browsing history options,

    1. Select All time in the Time range area
    2. Ensure the Cached images and files box is checked
    3. Select Clear data

    Chrome Clear Data

  • Safari

    Open Safari

    1. Select History
    2. Select Clear History

    Safari Select History Clear History

    A window will pop up on your Safari browser, select the time frame of the browsing history that you want to clear.

    Safari Select All History

    Lastly, select Clear History.

    Safari Select Clear History